* Adopt H.264 compression format
* 1080P / 720P Recording
* Each group has different management powers that can be edited freely. Every user belongs to an exclusive group.
* HDMI 1920 x 1080P output, true high resolution display
* Support PTZ preset and auto cruise
* Support 3G smartphones
* The image delay time of each channel is under 500ms
* Support Web record and record local video and storage the file in the client end.
* Through network, sending audio/video data compressed by IPC or NVS to client-ends, then the data will be decompressed and display. If bandwidth is big enough, latency is less than 500ms
* Support network backup, USB record backup function, the recorded files can be saved in network storage server, peripheral USB device, burner and etc.
* Support peripheral equipment management such as protocol setup and port connection.
* 8CH 1080P, with the transmission rate of 8mbps for each channel; 16CH 720P, with the transmission rate of 4mbps for each channel

Price: $488.99